Guilford Crew Policies and Expectations

  1. I will arrive ten minutes early for practice each day and be ready to row upon arrival
  2. I will show proper respect for coaches, teammates, and opponents at all times. I understand that any form of bullying or negative comments directed towards another teammate or competitor will be addressed with a zero-tolerance policy with regards to discipline
  3. I will arrive at practice and races with proper clothing appropriate to the full range of potential weather conditions
  4. I will complete all waiver forms and other required forms and submit them prior to practicing on water
  5. I will report any equipment damage or malfunction to the coaches or captains
  6. As a member of the GHS Crew Team, I will always behave in an exemplary manner recognizing that I am a representative of the Town of Guilford, Guilford High School and Guilford Rowing Club

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