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Forms and Handbooks

Guilford High School Registration

We have GHS School insurance as well as US Rowing Coverage. All of the Information and the Forms have to be signed prior to the rower being able to compete/step into a crew boat.

Go to, search for Guilford High School and register for the Spring Athletic Season.

Remember your user id and password for future registrations, you’ll just need to update any new information and check that you understand the policies associated with joining Guilford Rowing.

    US Rowing Registration

    New Rowers

    Go to

    1. Under Individuals Click “Join”
    2. Fill out information and Type “Guilford High School Crew Team” and click “Search." The club affiliation is Guilford Rowing and the club code 3MBHL.
    3. When asked about Regatta Central select “Not Now”
    4. Membership Level “Select Basic Membership”
    5. Fill out basic information and answer the questions to the best of your ability
    6. Read Waiver and Agree to Terms, Select “no” on second page
    7. Submit Payment and Complete Registration

    Returning Rowers

    Go to

    • Under Individuals click “Renew/Upgrade”
    • Follow instructions
    • If your membership is paid you will be prompted to sign the waiver OR If your membership is due you will be prompted to renew your membership as well as sign waiver.

    Blue Cards for States

    Similar to the years in the past at our State Championship Regatta we have to provide “Blue Cards” prior to being able to compete in the race. The cards have to be signed by a parent/guardian and act as a “Permission to Treat” if medical attention is needed at the regatta. The Race is fully staffed with a large medical staff due to the fact we are a distance from the closest hospital.

    Cards will be distributed.

    Fees and cost

    Guilford Rowing requires fees and fundraising to operate.

    Spring Season Cost is $450.00 per rower. 

    Fall Season Cost is $TBD per rower.

    Why is the cost what it is?

    • GHS pays for 3 partial coaching stipends
    • Typical funded sports receive $350-750 P/P
    • Crew receives less than $180 per rower Responsible for all equipment purchases, equipment upkeep, Fuel for coach boats and truck 
    • FoGR organizes fundraisers to keep crew affordable. Get involved to help us